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Australia’s preferred Jet Ski Fish box supplier continues to endeavour to provide the best in product, material and support to all our new and existing customers, both here in Australia and overseas.

So much so that we now have a LIMITED OFFER to overseas customers.

This gives you the opportunity to buy a Whiteybox and have it delivered by air freight, door to door with full tracking services along the way.

The exported Whiteybox has exactly the same finish, features and quality for which we are renowned throughout australia and we can export to virtually any part of the world and we have stock ready to go!


The following prices include the WHITEY BOX and DELIVERY, door to door by air freight ex australia.

Take advantage of this Limited Time Discount Offer All values are in US dollars!

N.Z .                   80 Litre $US 670.00

                          47 Litre $US 525.00

U.S/CAN .        80 Litre $US 750.00

                         47 Litre $US 550.00

U.K.                 80 Litre $US 770.00

                       47 Litre $US 575.00

U.A.E.         80 Litre $US 875.00

                      47 Litre $US 650.00

Remember these prices include the Whiteybox complete and delivery by air freight, door to door.

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“A Proudly Australian Made Product”


Customer Testimonials

” I am just letting you know the box arrived and it is awesome! Fits perfectly and looks great. Thank you for your help “

Dave – NZ 2017

” I have just picked up my Whiteybox today, thank you I am really happy with the box “

Jamie – NSW 2017

” Got the Whiteybox today and I am very impressed, So we love the Whiteybox. Worked as intended “

Carr – U.S.A 2017

” The 47L box is a perfect fit for my ski. Service is great and Whiteybox guarantee fast delivery. Thank you! “

Moehau – Tahiti 2017


Whiteybox 47 Specifications

47 litre internal capacity
2 Marine Grade (316) Stainless Steel Rod Holders
2 Rod Keepers
Custom made lid with lipped edge
Foam Mat and Tie Down straps
12 month Warranty
Overseas and Australia Wide Shipping
External Dimensions:540mm wide, 360mm high and 260mm deep
Suits almost ALL Jet Ski Makes & Models with various moulds to suit


Whiteybox 80 VS Whiteybox 47 – Personal Preference really!


WHITEYBOX – The choice for people serious about Jet ski Fishing!



A custom designed jet ski fish box to ensure Jet ski fishing is here to stay! We are here to show how you get to experience just how much fun Jet ski fishing really is!

This great sport has evolved and what better way to embrace the adventure with your very own Whiteybox, just to really show off that day on the water….

Whiteybox is a PATENTED, 80L capacity, fibre glass, 100% Australian made and manufactured jet ski fishing box that effortlessly attaches to the back deck of your own jet ski without even drilling a single hole, attaching and removing in less than 2 minutes. We have decked out the box with 4 marine grade stainless steel rod holders with keepers, spring loaded moulded lid with cutting board, knife holders, drink holders and storage compartment with own separate secure lid, the Whiteybox is manufactured in a combination of fibreglass, marine grade stainless steel and HDPE.


Our Whiteybox enables fishermen to store the catch and bait, is well balanced and sturdy, and has been built with complete waterproof materials to really prolong the life of your new Jet ski accessory. We have designed the box with a curved base to and numerous moulds to suit virtually any jet ski, our rod holders are positioned practically, so opening and closing of your lid is ‘no worries mate’ and will always stay open when you need it too. Whiteybox is easy to clean with soapy fresh water with convenient large drainage plug for fast flushing.


The spring loaded moulded lid includes a lip around the edging to ensure your tackle, tools and bait don’t go sliding off the back from those unexpected waves. With our lightweight design, connecting and disconnecting has been made a 1 man job (even for the Mrs) and easier than ever, using high quality webbing and stainless steel ratchet buckles to link to the tow eye and rear tie downs. Our box has been built with a slight incline to ensure absolute comfort whilst fishing. Included in the design process, the idea to ensure there will be no damage to the back of your ski, including easy climbing access around the box via both side rod holders.

With our aesthetically appealing design,
lets face it, throughout designing and manufacturing this has been far from a smooth ride. Through endless testing (hard life we know), multiple changing of materials used, equipment testing, Bill and the Whiteybox team have managed to fine tune this innovative product to give fishing a brand new lease on life!
Whiteybox is suitable for fishing offshore, river, estuarine, creeks and even in your own fishing pond if you’re that keen!

Technical talk:

The Whiteybox 80 litre model is 650 mm wide, 500mm high, 310mm deep. If you are unsure if it will fit your particular ski, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more specific information such as the make/model/year of your ski.

The most exciting thing about the whiteybox….

It has been designed and manufactured by actual keen fishermen who have spent hours sitting at sea on the jet skis, thinking, playing, trialling, testing and fine tuning every minor detail to bring you this very imaginative and unique design built right here in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

Please explore this site for the opportunity for us to show you why Whiteybox is the choice of so many users, along with its uses and benefits that is propelling this form of exciting sport to so many like minded people.

Please don’t hesitate to Email us or use the contact page for further information.

We are ready to assist you with any enquiries about this proudly
Australian made product.

We look forward to all your personal pictures and updates on our Facebook and twitter pages and don’t forget to stay safe on our waters!