Frequently Asked Questions

Whiteybox FAQ’s.

Q)What is the fish box made of ?
A)Single skin hand laid FRP fibreglass with high gloss exterior and textured composite finish inside.All boxes are white in colour on the inside. The lid/cutting board is UV treated polyethylene which is also of food grade standard.The lock down gear compartment in the cutting board has ample storage room.
Q)What are the rod holders and fittings made of?
A) The four rod holders, three ratchet buckles and eye nuts and attaching nuts/ bolts etc are all marine (316) grade stainless steel. The tie down webbing is high grade polyester.The base matting is dense foam pre- cut to size to fit under the base of the box.

Q) How are the rod holders fitted to the box?
A) They’re bolted through the box using 6mm bolts and oversize washers with nylex nuts.

Q) Will the rod holders tear out?
A) No, not under usage at sea or in the estuary.Apart from each rod holder having 4 mounting bolts secured through the box, any large fish you hook will do one of two things- a) tow the ski around or b) sink the ski if the fish is that big and the drag on the reel is locked to maximum!

Q) Do I need to supply anything so I can use the whiteybox?
A) No. The kit arrives complete and you only have to fit the whiteybox and go.

Q) What is the height of the cutting board and lid/ knife compartment when in use?
A) For ease of use,the design of the whiteybox allows for the working space ( cutting board etc)to be at closely the same height as the back of the seat moulding.

Q) What are the dimensions of the two models of whiteybox?
A) The 80 litre is 650mm wide,530mm high and 310mm deep.Four rod holders.The 47 litre is 540mm wide, 360mm high and 260mm deep.Two rod holders.

Q) Do I have to drill any holes in my ski to fit my whitey box?
A) Absolutely not. The unit is held firmly in place using three ratchet tie downs allowing the box to be fitted/ removed in less than two minutes with no indication there has been any attachments on the back of the ski.

Q) What colours are there to choose from?
A) Black or white. This applies to both the 80 litre and 47 litre units.

Q) How do I know the box will fit on my ski?
A) We have developed a number of different moulds to suit the various shapes of the back decks on the major types of jet skis. Only the really early makes/ models that have almost no back deck can’t be catered for. If you are not sure simply ring or email us for friendly advice.

Q)What is the most popular colour?
A) Black, but heat absorption can be an issue if you are in a tropical area. Black (like a black car) also tends to show any dirt etc more readily.White is the next most popular.

Q)I go out to sea chasing the big ones, will the whiteybox hang in there OK?
A) Yes.The fittings we use are all over specified in terms of breaking strain etc and we have sold hundreds of these units in both Australia and overseas with not one occasion of the box going astray when properly fitted and in use.

Q)Can I tow my ski on the road with the box fitted?
A)Yes.Just secure it the same as if you were going out fishing.Make sure the lid is secured down using the bungees to stop the lid opening and damaging the lid spring.One of our customers towed his Yamaha ski with whitey box and rods attached by road from Perth to Darwin and then across to northern NSW,Australia, including lots of dirt roads ,a distance of over 6,000 kms and no problem whatsoever!

Q)Can we fish two up using the whitey box?
A) Yes, we take turns in where we sit for baiting the hooks,removing fish etc.We do not recommend any more than two fishers on the ski at the same time ( especially at sea due to possible stability issues at rest).

Q) How will my jet ski drift in the ocean and is it safe to anchor?
A) A ski will drift only slightly faster than a trailer boat, still easily fishable or use a drogue if the current is running harder.A ski will not spin around at drift but it will if you hook up on a larger fish and get towed.I do not recommend anchoring at sea if a reasonable current is running. I was anchored at sea and the anchor got stuck so I motored forward and grabbed the anchor rope before being spun side on to the current and nearly rolling over.Thankfully a knife was close handy to cut the rope!Anchoring in the slower running current of most rivers/estuaries works well but care should still be taken.

Q) What maintenance do I need to do to maintain my whiteybox?
A) Just wash it using fresh water and a car wash or similar, no different to washing the ski after use.The same applies to the inside of the box and by hosing out any left overs though the removed bung.The unit is best stored under cover with the tie downs eased off.

Q) Does the whiteybox come with fitting instructions and a warranty?
A) Yes, both.Written fitting instructions for both the box and how to use the ratchet straps as well as details of the 12 month manufacturers warranty.Or simply contact us or your dealer for assistance.

Q)I like the idea of jet ski fishing for the ease of use and the fun times but I don’t have much fishing experience?
A) This sport is really growing quickly so maybe ask around at your dealer or through friends to find others interested in jet ski fishing or join a fishing club, the boat fisho’s I know treat us no different to others involved in recreational fishing.We also have fishing tips on our website

Q) I cant get enough of this product, how do I get one?
A)Just contact us at or ring Bill on 0412 427446 or call in to one of our dealers. Payment is by EFT, credit card by phoning us or Paypal.